So I’m waitressing at a strip club…

I thought I’d start this blog to let out my experiences waitressing at a strip club. It’s been a few weeks working there now and I’m getting used to it. 

When I tell people where I work, the looks on their faces are priceless. Before, I was doing what I thought was interesting work at a very well known company. When I told people where I worked, they would say, “Oh, ok,” with little interest. Now when I tell people where I work, their eyes get all big and they barrage me with questions.

“Are you stripping?”

“What do you have to wear?”

“What are the strippers like?”

They eagerly await my answers with big eyes and excited expressions on their faces.  Now telling my parents where I work, I didn’t exactly get the same expression.

My mom looked at me sympathetically, a little disappointed, then said, “Oh, how terrible. I feel so bad for those strippers. If I worked there, I would try to get them all to quit!”

“But then I wouldn’t have a job, Mom.”

(More sympathetic looks)


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