I need a job elsewhere

It’s only been 2 weeks and I’m already tired of working in this place. Me and another waitress that I’ve befriended named Julie are going to search for jobs in nightclubs in a trendier part of the city. We work near office buildings, so most of the clientele are older men in button down shirts looking for a little fun before heading home to the wife and kids. They don’t have lots of extra cash to spend. They tip us waitresses a measly $1 most of the time, then go and spend $20 on multiple lap dances with the dancers.

If Julie and I head somewhere trendier, I’m thinking these young hipsters with money will tip us better. I could be wrong, but who knows. What we really want is a night shift, because there’s barely any money in the day shift. Even the dancers look like they’re hurting, gently swaying back and forth while gripping the poles onstage and staring out into the distance. They do this most of the day until customers that are actually willing to sit by the stage come in (this is rare, which surprised me- I envisioned horny, rowdy men constantly throwing money at them before I came to work here- the opposite is true). When a customer actually does sit by the stage, they of course start doing their fancy pole tricks and wriggling their butts at them so that dollars can be tucked into their thongs. But I digress.

So the money sucks. It’s way too little for us to be wearing high heels all day and the short skirts and skimpy tops that are our uniform (yes, we have to wear heels ALL DAY). I even stopped wearing my ultra slutty makeup. Why would I take all that time and effort for these cheapskates that are only going to nurse one drink all day and give me a dollar anyway? Now I just throw on some eyeliner and lipstick and call it a day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Not all of the customers are cheap. Yesterday I had a group of 4 guys that actually kept ordering drinks and tipping decently! They even said please and thank you to me. Guys like these make my day. I’m thinking next time I get a group like that, I should give them a round, on me. That is, if I can afford it.


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